A little guidance and tips on how to create your own beautiful wreath at home.


Your pack contains all the essentials for creating your wreath, all you will need to have handy are scissors.

In your kit -

Wooden hoop


Dried flowers 

Ribbon to hang 

Untitled Design-71.PNG


Some dried flowers may be tied together with tape or string, you can un wrap these ready to use. 

Your wire is wrapped around your hoop so you will need to un wrap this before you start. 

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The fun begins! 

We find it easier to build the wreath up my making small posies first (like the the photo to your right) This makes the dried flowers more secure before attaching to the hoop. 

Start by pulling apart some leaves and then adding bunny tails or pampas grass. (which every takes you fancy)  Have some fun creating these posies, you can create all the same style and size or mix it up a bit too. 

Securing your posey  - 

When you are happy with your mini posey trim some wire and wrap this around your stems to secure the flowers together, be sure to leave some extra wire so you can attach your posey to your hoop. (see in photo)

Top tip -keep checking what your posies look like against your hoop to see if you are achieving a style you are happy with. When you have made a few posies see how they look together against the hoop and try switching them around in different positions. This will also help you decide if you would like your finished wreath to have flowers all the way round your hoop or go for a half / 3/4 hoop design. 

Untitled Design-73.PNG


Once you have made a few posies it's a good idea to to start adding a few on, this allows you to see how your wreath will start to take shape. 

After that it's all about playing around with your posies and maybe filling in any gaps you may have. 

Top Tip - When wiring your posies on make sure the one you place on top overlaps a little so that it covers the wire on the pervious one. 

Thank you so much for purchasing our wreath kit! We really hope it brings a little joy to your day or evening and we can't wait to see your results. Remember to tag us in any social media posts. 

If you have any other questions please do pop us a message on here or email us. 


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